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This one. The Mulberry Congo in the Personal size? Is it real?

Did you ever dream of a personal size Mulberry agenda?

As I promised in one of my previous posts, today I want to talk to you about this vintage Mulberry (complete with the older logo/stamp!) we’ve come across. With ‘we’ I mean me and Frank. We run this gardening and landscaping business together as co-founders, but that’s another thing. He also helps me out finding vintage binders and new stock for the shops of my business The Paper Planner Initiative. 

However. The Mulberry. As shown on top of this post. Can you tell this is fake or real? Well, for your reference I’ve made pictures of my true A6 Mulberry along with it. Currently we are having the ‘personal size’ Mulberry authenticated as there’s just no record of any Mulberry made in the PERSONAL SIZE.

Philofaxy did however post about Filofax versus (vintage) Mulberry’s once though…

Here they are. The top one is the A6 Mulberry that I purchased over a year ago and IS in fact authentic. The bottom one is the most recent purchase and is the one that is up for authentication.

 The other Mulberry

(not shown on these pictures)

Well. This didn’t just happen once. It happened twice! We did find another one! I didn’t take any pictures of it yet, but in case you’re interested, I’d be happy to post some more on this topic.

We do think however, that this IS indeed a genuine Mulberry, given some of the details and the leather and the look and feel. And if you take a look at the rings, the LOOK like they’ve been replaced overtime. Maybe the previous owner broke the rings or something like that and decided to switch them out and while he or she was at it, why not put BIGGER ones in, in order to fit ‘normal ‘ page size. Or at least more common ones, as the personal size is a very mainstream size.

What do you think? We are having it authenticated and if it turns out to be authentic it is up for sale in the planner shop. I wish I could hold on to it, however Frank won’t like that as we did agree not to keep any of our stock for personal use 🙁


Please note these foto’s aren’t stamped with the CPL logo, however its copyrights and all rights are reserved by Charmed Planner Life and The Paper Planner Initiative.

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Posted on September 20, 2017

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  1. Nathalie
    2 years ago

    That black planner is beautiful! I love Mulberry planners and I have been using them since the 80s in pocket, a6 and planner sizes.
    Only recently did I hear about Mulberry having made personal sizes though I have never seen one in person.
    The one you own has riveted rings which are not Krause. I thought Mulberry only used non riveted Krause rings so they can easily be changed. All mine from different periods have Krause rings and I must say that none of them have become faulty.
    I hope that this beautiful planner brings you planner happiness!

    1. Charmed Planner Life
      2 years ago

      Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for your response! You seem to know a lot about Mulberry planners from that time period!

      Thanks for sharing!

      I actually have this Mulberry listed for the shop.. if you’re interested
      It’s not listed yet though.
      It is a lovely piece! We’d just wantes to have it authenticated before putting it up for sale.

      – Maaike


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