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One of my current planners; Louis Vuitton agenda MM in Monogram


About my Louis Vuitton MM
Just a short recap. I own this agenda now for 6,5 years and I’m taking it out regularly. At least when I’m in a personal size that is, once a year.

Which means; I use it annually, however not the entire year! This is due to a. changing sizes (again!!), we all know the struggle with THE perfect set up in terms of portability and functionality.

For me, to have everything planned well and laid out for me; the Personal Size (or in this case the Medium Size LV) is about right. For it’s portability. Well, there’s different options. I’ll talk about that solution in my next post, so stay tuned!

I’ve purchased this agenda pre-loved from the first owner. She had used it for over a decade! It still looks amazing, however the popper, obviously has some rubbing and it doesn’t snap shut the way it must have. However I still love it and really enjoy using it on the daily.

Set up 2018
I was in the following combo (from Januari 2017 till July 2017); The A5 Filofax Patent Nude (for work) and the Personal Patent Nude (personal). In July the new Bando planners released (18 months). The Bando planner is a spiral bound planner, which I missed out on last year, in the medium size that is. I’ll post a review about Bando soon.

After being in the Bando last August, I looked at my desk at the LV agenda. I just decided to move everything from the Patent Nude planner (redundant at the time) for kick.

Why? Just the Bando planner is slightly too large for me to carry around. I left it at home frequently and I just missed a planner to take on the go. Yes, I could’ve taken the Filofax Original with me, however I set up the LV instead.

And… I loved it! So much, I decided to invest in it again and set it up for the new year. I’ll give you a preview on 2018’s set up next time. I went with Minted Sugar inserts, Moco Design inserts (all on Etsy, y’all) and with Sessa Vee inserts for 2018 too.

My set up is a bit scrambled at the moment, you’ll see next time.

See you next time!

-xoxo  Maaike

Up next!
Next up will be the Louis Vuitton Agenda in PM size and how I use these planners together.

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  1. Rachel Anderson
    2 years ago

    What inserts do you use for your LV agenda MM? I don’t want to spend the extra on the actual Louis Vuitton ones, but can’t figure out which Filofax or other brand to use.

    1. Charmed Planner Life
      2 years ago

      Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for your comment and so sorry for the late reply to your question.

      In the MM by LV you can insert the Filofax Personal size ones! If you go to and type in the search bar “inserts louis vuitton MM or Filofax Personal size” you’d be able to find them! There is lots of shops out there. I also recommend! She has the prettiest inserts. It’s best to be located in the US though or mind the amount you’re ordering regarding custom fees, as they are pretty steep!

      Hope this helps! Feel free to contact me, should you have any additional questions.



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