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New year. New planner. New review. Good Genius Girls 2018 planner.

First impressions on the Good Genius Girls Club planner | 2018

Hello lovely! You rock. That is what the card says that comes with the planner. Love this!!!  And heck yeah, do we rock.

This is not a girls only planner, I’d say. But who am I?

Why another planner?
Well, you can’t have too many planners, can you? Well actually, you can. Especially if there just annual and then they’re out of the window again. Here’s the thing. I had to buy a new planner for my mother’s birthday (November 8th). She always likes those spiritual planners and body and mind kinda style, so I started browsing for it online. I did end up finding the perfect 2018 planner for her though! During the search for spiral bound ones, I bumped into the Good Genius Girls one. Never heard of it! It allowed me to flip through the planner online and I started to get really curious and oops, ordered it.

Bando or? First impressions.

Okay, I’d like to do a bit of a comperasion between this planner and the Bando one, which I did my previous post about. This one is a 2018 planner only. It starts at January 2018.

Honestly, it is really lovely. I like the leaves lay out and look and feel. The paper quality of the Bando planner is way better though. Just saying. These inserts, will probably bleed through.

I am a sucker for those extra cute card things and stuff like that though, especially this one with the gilded font. Really awesome!

Very neat. However, the pages are rather thin. I do like the tabs with again the gold/gilded font!

Also it is ‘only’ 12 months, which means the planner itself is way thinner and has such a small footprint compared to the Bando planner. If you’re looking for no nonsense, and a clean look and feel for 12 months and a spiral bound planner, that is, you might want to give this one a shot!

Interior (no pictures)

  • Information page
  • Information tab
  • Calender overview (boxed layout) 2018 in pink
  • As it is a Dutch planner (making) it gives you a Dutch holiday overview
  • Password and username page
  • Monthly tab: January 2018 starting with Month on 2 pages view
  • In both marble and soft pink paper calender pages; Week on 2 pages, non ruled
  • Final tab: January 2019
  • Dreams page and goals for 2019
  • A few contacts pages
  • Note paper
  • Thank you page for using the planner

All in very cute pink/marble/leaves design pages!

I wish I’d done some more pictures of this planner. Wish I had!

The verdict (aka My Opinion)

I highly recommend this planner (not sponsored! just saying). If and really IF you are looking for something cute, cheaper than Bando and Kate Spade and a spiral bound planner for 2018, you might want to look into this planner.

My offer

Want to get a hold of one? The shop I ordered from, doesn’t ship worldwide, but if still available I will offer you to purchase one for you and send it to you wherever you live! I can only do this for the first 5 online orders, as it is too much work otherwise. As I said, I’m not affiliated in whatever way with this brand, but the vision of Charmed Planner Life, is to share and spread the planner love and I feel like that is what I’ll be doing by offering this to a few of you. Just email me at: and I can see what I can do. This only applies to those living outside of the Netherlands and maybe even Europe, as this’ll be a chance to get your hands on one and I’m happy to help!


See you next time!

xoxo  Maaike

Charmed Planner Life


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