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My Louis Vuitton Pocket size agenda in the Monogram print

About the Pocket size Agenda

I love these pocket size planners! However, they just seem to DO for me in terms of size, functionality and planning.

They DO function so well as an addition to a ‘stay at home ‘ planner OR a satellite planner. I am currently using both the Louis Vuitton MM Agenda in Monogram and the PM one in Monogram.

I have just recently finished its set up for 2018 which of course I’ll share with you in another post. I’m so impressed by the two planners alongside of each other it’s crazy!

First, some pictures to show you guys. I’ll go in depth in another review. This planner hasn’t been that long in my collection and the rings are tiny, but I’ll manage. I promise I’ll provide you proper review.

Just to show you how lovely these two are. I really enjoy using these every single day. The pocket one just slides into my hand bag (and I use the smaller hand bags these days!) and is just perfect to carry around with me everywhere.

I have dressed this little one up with some inserts and dividers by Minted Sugar. Can highly recommend, however it is kind of a struggle to get the inserts from the USA to The Netherlands. I’m still waiting (almost two months now) for my personal size inserts to accompany the MM Agenda.

Anyway, the inserts are totally gorgeous!

As you can see (maybe 🙂 I’m also using the SessaVee inserts in the MM size which you can see a glimpse off. Highly recommend these inserts too, however I was charged with a lot of custom fee (not her fault of course!) I could’ve prevented this however If I were to order for my business. I will def do that next time, as also these inserts are so lovely!

I will do another post on the inserts/setup and customization of these two planner real soon!

I currently enjoy everything rose gold even though the hardware on the LV’s are gold. I still think it goes incredibly well together and looks so stylish!

You can catch of a glimpse of another marble design insert. Those are from Moco webshop on Etsy. She is located in The Netherlands so they arrive quickly. I’ve purchased them for the sept 2017/sept 2018 spread so they’ll last for a bit. She does them in one set; both monthly inserts ánd weekly ones. These aren’t custom.

More of these lovely goodies next time guys!

-xoxo Maaike

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