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Charmed Planner Life Review: The Bando Planner 2017/2018

How I am liking the Bando planner so far

The Bando planner. You can get a glimpse online here if you’d like to check the company out (not sponsored though).

2016/2017 I missed out on this MEDIUM size planner. They have several sizes; starting from the small/standard size which is bound, so no spiral there, and the medium version as well as a larger one. I haven’t seen the larger one, I did however get the smaller one, which is more like a book as it is bound. That one I got on sale last year, but never really liked it. You’d have to break in the spine, in order for it to lay flat. I did see a lot of ‘fans’ of these planner on YouTube, but for me; neh. It is about the personal paper size and it carries 18 months worth of planner inserts so it is rather heavy in my opinion.

Onto the medium size one.
As I said I missed out on this one earlier. Past July I was still in my original patent nude Filofax (personal size and A5 size and loving it so far). As the school year (academic) year for the kids started last September all the way to August 2018 I felt like I needed to pen it in somewhere. My calendar in my Filo only had pages till December 2017.
Initially I looked for a small bound or spiral bound planner at the local stationery shop, the ones them kids use for school. But, I was like hey I’m not in school so I figured let’s check out Bando!

They’d just released their 2017/2018 18 month planners so I ordered one.

Inside the planner

As you can see; it is very cute!! I chose the flower pattern. I had to order from a Dutch website though, as ordering from is very expensive and the custom fees, tax and so on. They had most designs in though, but they’re running low on their stock quickly.

It has a lovely gold (!) coil. Really like that. What I in general don’t like about spiral bound planners (I tried once before and it didn’t last even then) is the fact that the page flipping seems so flimsy to me. These planners aren’t cheap though. They’re not as expensive as a leather binder, however for paper and a cover, not the cheapest. Kind off Kate Spade ball park there.

What I like
I really like the gold detailing and in these planners. Also the pocket in the front comes in very handy. It has such cute quoting all over the planner too. You simple don’t have to decorate this planner at all! For the lazy ones among us (like myself lol).

It comes with incorporated sticker sheets! And they are all cute! As an add-on you can also order their sticker book set (not in The Netherlands though) if you’re heading to their shop.

These stickers, you don’t want to use as they are freakin’ cute and i’d be a shame if you’d be looking at these sheets turning empty by the day/week/month. I simply used the sticker sheets out of the other planner from last year and tore the pages out…

This is upcoming month; november. Every month starts with som cute and lovely art work, I’d like to say. The following pages (weekly and monthly ones) are pretty ‘plain’ but still nice to work with and deco some more, if you’re up for that. I’m not haha.

Lay out

Paper size is a true A5 I’d say. Here’s the rest of the lay out:

  1. Front page and pocket
  2. This agenda belongs to and another pocket on the left
  3. stickers sheets!  You get 3!
  4. secret Bando code
  5. Calendar overviews (year) 2018 | 2019 |
  6. Monthly tabs! All laminated and different colors
  7. You get your monthly tab first, after that the full month of weekly (horizontal!) spread
  8. Also some note pages prior to the weekly section
  9. This runs all the way throughout the planner
  10. In the back: some extra note pages (quite a lot, but not nearly enough if you’re into adding pages on demand)

My thoughts

What I think? Well, I tried to replace my Filofax Original in patent nude both A5 and Personal size, for this just one spiral bound planner. I failed. I’ll tell you why. In terms of planner-on-the-go and such. I just found this not do-able at all. Just like the time I (highly!) invested in everything Happy Planner and couldn’t pull it off. This is the same, however a lot cheaper! It’s just a challenge to take it outside. I did take the Bando with me a total of: 1 . I just didn’t like it and it is a piece you’d like to leave at home at your desk.

It does have lots and lots of room to write in, talking about the monthly and weekly pages here. But yeah that makes sense, as it is a rather large paper size after all.

Personally I’m just not into non-flexibel systems. I just wanted to use this planner as it is so cute and it looks ideal. However the full 18 months worth of pages in there is A LOT! The planner is rather thick. Also you can’t take ‘m out like in a disc bound system (happy planner and such) or ARC system. So that’s a real downside. It means you’d have to carry 18 months of inserts with you like all the time.

Also, I just like the ring bound systems too much. At Bando, they ought to make diary pages for personal size or a5 size! I’d buy those! I do like the whole color full concept and the art and stickers and their brand in general.

What I am doing with it?

I am currently using this as my work/business/projects-planner. It does stay at home. Basically it replaces the A5 Filofax Patent Nude, Original. Also I moved into the Louis Vuittons in both PM and MM size to work for me as my regular system and set up. Also easier to switch back to everything Filofax. I can maintain the current system. I just prefer that. As I said; it provides a lot of room to write in, however in a fixed system and set up.

So what do you think? Would you settle for just one planner for a whole year? What do you think on spiral bound planners, or disc bound ones such as the Arc system or the Happy Planners by Mambi?

Just drop your thoughts below!

See you next time!

xoxo  Maaike


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