Privacy Policy



1. Personally Identifiable Information – “Personally identifiable information” is information that we can use to identify you as an individual. Personally identifiable information includes your name, address, telephone number and any other information that is connected with you personally.

2 . “Site(s)” means the website for which the PrivacyTrust is endorsing the privacy policy. In this case the current sites are; and

General Privacy Requirements

 1. We will treat all Personally Identified Information gathered on the site in accordance with the privacy policy.

2. A user (you) of our site are given option of not giving their personally identifiable information if the information collected is not related to the primary purpose for which the information was collected or the personally identified information was disclosed to third parties.

3. It is your choice about personally identifiable information being disclosed to third parties must be honoured. The user must also have the means to change their choice.

4. We may use third party personally identifiable information to send a one-time email message to the person to whom the information concerns to solicit their consent to using their Personally Identifiable Information.

5. All newsletters and promotional email messages that are sent to our users, apart from the messages the user has agreed to receive as a condition of using your service,  we will provide in the email and include an unsubscribe link. You can also contact us by email to do so.

6. If user has stated that he/she is under 13 years of age we shall not collect any personally identifiable information on our site without the knowledge and permission of their parent or guardian.

7. We take reasonable steps when collecting, creating, maintaining, using and disclosing Personally Identifiable Information, to assure that the data are accurate, complete and timely for the purposes for which they are to be used; and we also implement reasonable security procedures, such as encryption, to protect Personally Identifiable Information.

8. We will provide a link to the Privacy Policy from the home page or any page collecting Personally Identified Information.

Privacy Policy Requirements

1. You can contact us at: or our head office at:

2. We use third parties to collect data from our site such as Google Analytics and Google Adsense.

3. We won’t be given any personal information to third parties, such as address and billing address, account and bank information.

4. We use cookies to track. Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or your computer. It is optional to accept these cookies when entering the website. You are given the option to deny these cookies.

5. We take the notification procedures with respect to any changes in privacy policy and use of the user’s personally identifiable information. Also, the means by which the user can take appropriate action concerning this change.

6. Your payment is safe with us, through PayPal. We won’t reveal any personal data such as bank and account numbers through PayPal as this is secured by the PayPal gateway as implemented in our webshop and Please note, when money is wired and therefore transferred manually we will be notified with your account and bank data. We will not provide this data to any third party and use respectfully and only to serve its purpose such as; refund for a return e.g.

7. We are licensed with a SSL certificate by hosting, which is installed. Our connection therefore and websites are secured by https.



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