Filofaxes and planners (Succes) shown in the pictures are all for sale!

Β We are selling!

We are currently selling our private stock and collection of planners. Brands such as Filofax, Gillio, Vanderspek (VDS), Mulberry and Louis Vuitton. Other brands: Succes and Kalpa (dutch design and brands).

Need a planner to start with, expand your collection or just looking for a Filofax? Start here! Most planners are pre-loved and owned. All the planners listed are currently in stock and are part of a private collection acquired over years and now ready to pass on to another loving home!

All the planners listed are in excellent, if not MINT condition OR never used (listed as new). Some of these planners are used for review purposes only.

Unless stated otherwise; all the planners come in a box. If available its original transparent flyleaf is also included. Inserts are additional and depending on what you are looking for we can deliver. Just sent as an inquiry about these at:


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Etsy Shop CharmedPlannerLife

By The Paper Planner Initiative

Head over to our Etsy shop and find inspiration for customizing your planner! Some of the planners listed in the shop, are also listed in our Etsy shop, please note that. It is in the item description if so.

We will be listing our stock upcoming weeks!

  • planner items
  • sticky notes
  • note pads/memo pads
  • stationery
  • paper clips and magnetic book marks
  • page markers and flags
  • pens

All our stock is hand-picked by the Charmed Planner Life team. We are constantly looking for ongoing trends in the planner community to cater to your needs to customize your planner.

Wanna be part of this team and work with us? Please email us at: Wanna supply to us or become a partner(supplier)? Please email us at:

Check our partner page too!

How to place and pay for your order.

Place your order for the item of your choice by sending us an email. You can do so here or send us an email to:
We will confirm your order and you can pay for your order by selected payment options below.

Pay on our Etsy shop.

It is preferred to buy this item through our Etsy shop. This way your payment is secured and you can pay by VISA, Paypal and many different payment options. Also if provided a tracking number, you can do so on Etsy too. However you need to sign up for an Etsy account, which you can do here.

After you’ve received our confirmation on your order you can go ahead and pay for your order, after we have listed this in our shop. Please make sure your are using the same email address or notify us how we can confirm this is you ordering and purchasing the item on Etsy. We will list the item manually on Etsy. Obviously there is just 1 item available.

Other options.

If you aren’t able to head to Etsy finalize your order there, OR you want to pay by PayPal directly, this is possible, however we do prefer to list the item in our Etsy shop. Please sent us an email first with this request and we can arrange the transaction.

Bank Transfer
In many cases a bank transfer by your bank is provided in the payment options on Etsy too.
If you are located in Europe in many cases a bank transfer (wire) is possible too. Make sure to verify this with us first, depending on where you are located.

Shipping and handling
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