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Where did My Filo World go?

Did you ever wonder about my other blog; My Filo World?

After years and years of writing about planning, purchasing Filofaxes and other type (brand) binders, I’ve put it all to a halt. Not just the blog, but things changed. For one; the divorce. No need to explain how your life changes!
Second; life was altering too! I was in need for a full time job again after working for about 32 hours a week. I was in for a sales and business development position and that seems too hard for me to combine.

Also, I hadn’t optimized things. There was no process in blogging, selling, reviewing etc. I just didn’t pull through. Wish I had though!

So, I was playing with the idea of putting the Blog off line, but some followers asked me to keep it up, for reference and I did. After a while my domain had suspended as this was hosted by my ex. At the time, yes I could’ve retrieved the files of the Blog and have it hosted by a provider, sure, however I chose not to.

Again, here we are. New life. New blog as I told you in the introduction post last time. This blog; is nothing more than My Filo World 2.0. Yes, it is different. I nowadays run a company called The Paper Planner Initiative. The blog is, how I like to call it, its creative outlet. I also quit everything in IT. As well as being employed as well as being self employed in IT.

The other business I run is with Frank, my partner. He is also the co-founder of our landscaping and gardening business, which we own since 2 years. I just run the back office, sales, marketing and accounting. He is taking care of the other part.

Where are we going to start?
Well last time I told you about the Etsy shop. At this point, me and my co-worker are filling the shop with stock. That’s going to take some time, so bear with us. We sell on Etsy related planner tools, stationery and cute stuff to spice up your planner and have it customized.

I will be blogging on here! I will be doing reviews, posts about my own planner set up (currently in both Louis Vuitton PM ánd MM and the medium size Bando planner 2017/2018).

Also… we will be selling our personal acquired Filofaxes and planners!  We have some listed in the CPL shop here.
Soon we will be listing a few Mulberry’s in A6 AND I’ve acquired an personal size/standard size vintage however new condition Mulberry Congo! I will surely do a post about it soon!

Check it out soon!

Our Upcoming Posts!

  • In the spotlight; The Mulberry Congo
  • In the spotlight; Vintage Filofaxes, love them. The Windsor 1985 in brown with original inserts!
  • My current planners; Bando Planner Medium Size, Louis Vuitton MM Monogram and PM
  • Setting up for 2017 in my planners!
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Posted on September 20, 2017

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