Blog | CPL | Shop and Charmed Planner Life are the creative outlet, blog and online shop of The Paper Planner Initiative. The PPI was founded by Maaike.

We are all about customizing, designing life, organizing and enjoying are planners and tool! At CPL you can find all about our current Filofaxes, agendas and planner. Nice to know; we are selling the most part of our nice and (rare) collection of Filofaxes and planners acquired of the years! Be sure to head over to our online shop.

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask them at: or drop us an email here. Wanna send our head office a mail or inquiry? you can send us an email at:

The Paper Planner Initiative

The Paper Planner Initiative is the company and business behind the blog, the Online webshop CPL and the Etsy shop Charmed Planner Life | The Paper Planner Initiative. We provide and purchase stock for our Etsy listings and we are on the hunt for those items we all like to optimize, decorate and customize our planners! We hand-pick all of our stock ourselves.
We are based in Europe, The Netherlands.

Currently we are not producing our own inserts or planner dividers. We will do so in the future and we are actively looking for partnership with other Etsy shop owners or designers who would love to create something beautiful and functional for our planners!

If you would like to work with us and design and create with us, you can! Please send us a message. We will also be promoting other companies or sellers who do sell those items, either in their Etsy shop or online through their website. Please contact us, to start-up a partnership. 

Make sure to also check out our Partner Page and drop us an email at:

Should you have any questions about this blog (CPL) or our online shop? Drop us an email here.

-The Team

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Meet the founder!

Hello and welcome!

My name is Maaike. I am based in the Netherlands. Years and years ago, I used to have another blog; My Filo World and built a name within the Filofax community, you can read an explanation about why this Blog went offline here. I have a passion for planning, planning related stuff and organization ever since I was 12 years old.

The Filofax obsession happened about over a decade ago. I learnt about the brand and dove into this world. From selling Filofaxes, having auctions and free give-aways on my blog I was able to establish a name.

Then.. Life happened and I ended my blogging as well as my appearance within this particular community.

Now. We are back. And back in business. In a business I have passion for. The first step was opening an Etsy shop. From that point on I also wanted to blog a bit more. Not just about Filofaxes, but again about my passion for paper planning, (home) organization and life from this perspective.

Enjoy! We will create beautiful content again.

Share the passion!

Draft your Dreams!

– with love

Maaike | Charmed Planner Life

The Paper Planner Initiative

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